A/R,Ndc Office Shooting incidence: AYA express foul play in the arrest of Samuel Agyin for murderer at Ndc party office in Ashanti Region.



    Press Release is as follows


    We, the AHWIAA YOUTH ASSOCIATION want to clarify certain issues pertaining to the arrest a peace maker our brother Samuel Agyin *The Rock* in relation to the shooting incidence that occurred at the Ashanti Regional NDC party office.

    1. We want to state emphatically without mincing words that our brother Samuel Agyin (the rock) is a peaceful person without any records on violence. Samuel’s contributions to the Ahwiaa community can not be overlook towards the creation of peaceful coexistence among the citizenry. He played an instrumental role in the just ended clash between the Asante Indigenous Community and the Zongo Community in Ahwiaa at large.

    2. Our brother Samuel Agyin had demonstrated high level of discipline and moral to the Ahwiaa community. Not long ago, he reported a woman to the police who had contacted him to kill a man for her to skip the paying of his Ghc 90,000.00 loan she took from him.

    3. Samuel Agyin was at the Party’s office following an invite by the Regional Chairman through their leader, who represents members of “the hawks” at the Ashanti regional security committee.

    4. Out of good well, Samuel voluntarily reported himself to the police after being declared wanted by the police over the shooting incidents.

    We are calling on the Ghana police to demonstrate professionalism in this case. It is our hope that at the end of this case, justice will be served and Samuel Agyin will be vindicated.

    We are by this release indicating our unflinching support for our brother and pray our institutions would act in good faith as our brother has.


    Abdul Samed Osman

    Abdul Karim

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