Rosemond Brown’s baby daddy angry; threatens to take their son from her (VIDEO)


A man claiming to be the father of Rosemond Brown’s son has threatened to take him from her. 

According to the man who sounded and looked worried, he was disappointed in Rosemond Brown for grossly misbehaving on social media. He said he was very sad that Brown decided to choose a ‘silly’ name Akuapem Poloo to disgrace herself on social media for fame.

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Never in your life look down on people because no one knows tomorrow

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The man revealed that he had traveled to work to enhance the lives of Brown and their son, adding that the now noisy Akuapem Poloo was never like she is now. According to him, because of her quest for fame on social media, Rosemond Brown could not make time for their son. Therefore, he would claim the boy and look after him himself.

“How could you choose a silly name like Akuapem Poloo? You were decent and very quiet but now look at you.” “By grace, you have a son, a fine boy for me. I traveled to look for money to enhance our lives only for you to turn to social media to start fooling,” the baby daddy complained in the Twi language. “As for my son, I am going to claim him and look after him myself,” he added angrily.

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@akuapem_poloo baby daddy is very furious… He says he will do anything to come for his son Pt.1

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Meanwhile, Brown, in one of her many interviews revealed that he had her son with a man she found in Accra after she came to the city to look for job. She revealed that she was no longer with the baby daddy but was very grateful to him for taking care of her., however, cannot verify if the man in the video is really her baby daddy.

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