RuffTown Records finally washes hands off Ebony’s songs

Late Ebony and Bullet
Late Ebony and Bullet

News reaching states that, RuffTown Records finally washes hands off the late Ebony’s unreleased songs.

Ricky Nana Agyeman who happens to be the CEO of the record label  has stated in a press statement that since the father has been going about leveling allegations of exploitation against him, he is no longer going to deal with Ebony’s songs – not even the ones he wrote.

Recalled, Nana Opoku Kwarteng father of the late “90s bad gyal” alleged that, Bullet gave him peanuts from gains attained from a concert organised in honour of the departed songstress.

He said he was given only GHC2000 out of the GHC39,999 he(Bullet) got from the concert.

However, Bullet has made it clear in a facebook post that, he(RuffTown Records) is no longer interested in releasing unreleased Ebony’s songs.

“With this, the label will not be releasing any songs from the 90s Bard Gyal.

Rufftown Records owns 60% of Ebony’s unreleased songs, but we are giving away full ownership to her father Mr. Opoku Kwarteng,” the statement reads.

This comes few days after Ebony’s father accused Bullet of giving him just GHc 2,000 out of GHc 39,000 he made from the music concert organised in memory of Ebony when she passed away.

Read his post on facebook below:

MONEY MONEY MONEY1.i went round looking for funds to support the funeral bola ray is my witness. all the money they…

Posted by Ricky Nana Agyeman on Tuesday, August 14, 2018


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