Ruminant Farmers Advised To Vaccinate Animals against (PPR)


Rev. Richard Ametsitsi, a Senior Veterinary Technician, Soil and Irrigation Research Centre, College of Basic and Applied Science of the University of Ghana has advised livestock farmers to vaccinate their animals against Pests des Petitis Rumenants (PPR) that affects animals especially goats and sheep.
The PPR attacks animals especially small ruminants like goat, sheep, etc just after harmattan season is over.
Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) is an acute viral disease of goats and sheep characterized by fever, pneumonia, and sometimes death.
Goats and sheep appear to be equally susceptible to the virus, but goats exhibit more severe clinical disease. The virus also affects several wild small ruminant species.
According to Mr. Ametsitsi, the disease normally surfaces and attacks animals especially small ruminants like goats and sheep just after the harmattan season is over which is assumed to be over in Ghana in the early days of March.
Speaking in an interview with Captain Adabugar during the Akuafo Sesen segment of the morning show on Thursday to give the caution, Mr. Ametsitsi called on livestock farmers especially those who are into goat and sheep production to contact the Ministry of Agric and the various Agric Departments in their districts and municipalities for vaccination against the PPR disease or risk losing that time is due, if not they will lose their investments if their animals are affected.
Rev. Ametsitsi identified diarrhea and pneumonia as the most common symptoms of the disease which livestock farmers should be wary of and do the right thing to save the lives of their animals after the harmattan season.

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