Sad! Man rapes 6-year-old girl for blood money

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A middle-aged man identified as Destiny Obiyan has reportedly raped a six-year-old girl in Edo State, Nigeria in order to perform rituals for blood money.

Narrating the incident, father of the little girl, Okehelem Oyenma said that his neighbour lured his daughter with rice and egg to rape her.

A search of the rapist’s house later revealed charmed and talismans all over the room. The family concluded then that Destiny Obiyan raped their daughter for the purposes of rituals.

”He took my daughter through the backyard to his own house, bought her rice and egg. My daughter told me that after feeding her, he pulled down her pants and after that, he inserted his penis.

“After that, my daughter started bleeding seriously. So, because of the curfew, the vigilance group assisted me and my wife to look for my daughter that night and not knowing that she was with this Destiny Obiyan in his house.

“The following day, I asked her to take her mother to the rapist’s house while I went to the Textile Mill Police Station to lodge a complaint. When myself and the police got to the Obiyan’s house, we met him and his native doctor with his charms inside his palour. The police arrested the boy and the native doctor.” he narrated.

The Public Relations Officer of Edo State Police, Chidi Nwanbuzor, confirmed the incident saying that the man had already been arraigned for court.


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