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Sad News : Woman 61 in critical condition after an unknown person poured acid into her mouth-Details

A 61-year-old Gladys Nyamekye of Assin Nkran in the Assin South District of the Central Region is battling for her life at the Abura Dunkwa government hospital after an unknown assailant poured acid into her mouth instead of water.

The Assin South District Police Commander, DSP Francis Andam Okyere explaining to the media said, the woman slipped and fell when she was on her way to buy food from the roadside.

She went unconscious after the incident. Eventually, she felt, someone poured a liquid substance into her mouth but she spewed it out due to its sharpness and unpleasant taste, in a few minutes after the incident, her tongue turned blackish and developed swollen lips and a sour throat, she was then rushed to the Abura Dunkwa hospital in the Abura Asebu Kwamankese District and it was revealed it was acid.

Currently, her tongue is pulling out of her mouth. It a very sad and quite mysterious as the perpetrators are yet to be identified.

The perpetrators are being hunted by Assin South Police Command, DSP Francis Andam Okyere assured.

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