Sad video of Ghanaian man refusing deportation from USA goes viral Heartbreaking

– A Ghanaian man has been seen resisting arrest after authorities tried to deport him from the United States of America – In the video, two men said to be officials from the USA immigration department were holding him down to prevent him for running away – Ghanaians on social media have expressed their disappointment at the man and the US authorities 

Video of a Ghanaian man resisting deportation from immigration authorities in the United States of America has surfaced online. In the video, the man was held by two men as he yelled at them asking them to get off and stop holding his hands.

In the video that was sighted by YEN.com.gh on the Instagram page of Ameyaw Debrah, the man was seen engaging in a scuffle with two men on the plane. “Get off me, get off me. Can you get off me? Why do you want me to sit down? Just get off me,” the man yelled at the two men holding him down. “They don’t even want to give me my document, why are they doing this,” the man shouted as he spoke to another passenger in the plane.

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The video has sparked an argument on Instagram as those who watched it have reacted: @kweku_dicostar apportioned the blame on African leaders: “I blame our African leaders for making the continent unattractive to its citizens.” @boadiwaagorgeous expressed the sadness she felt: “This is so sad, I’m in tears watching this!! Why this harsh treatment?” @mollex_ceo jabbed the USA authorities: “They treat us like animals and we treat them like gold. They don’t act like the “God” they preached to us!!!!” @sophiasoofire cautioned Africans: “Trump is power, my people just be smart right now when making movements. They are hunting us now & deporting my ppl left & right.” @nanagenfi asked the man to accept the deportation: “Home is where Life is. America is no home for Foreigners. Go back home and restart. Life ain’t over for you.”


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