Saglemi housing project: Atta Akyea’s $114 embezzlement claim empty – GED; says Ghana Institution of Surveyors ‘got it wrong’

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A team of economists and technical experts, who have pooled their expertise under the umbrella of the Ghana Economic Dialogue (GED) to help contribute to shaping the national developmental discourse has disputed claims by the Minister of Works and Housing, Mr Samuel Atta Akyea, that the Saglemi Housing project was a piece of machinery for embezzlement under the erstwhile Mahama-led administration of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

About two weeks ago, Mr Atta Akyea said the Mahama government siphoned more than $144 million of the $179.9 million paid to the contractor in charge of the Saglemi Housing project.

According to him, a report on the project signed by the President of the Ghana Institute of Surveyors, Dr John Amaglo, indicates that only $64 million of the total amount released for the project, was sunk into it.

“The Ghana Institute of Surveyors has come out with a report showing that what is on the ground, measured against the money received will bring out a very very huge figure of about $114 million”, he told the Joy News’ PM Express.

“It is stated in black and white that the amount paid to the contractor is $179,904,752.5.

“It is stated clearly that the total works on the ground is $64 million, the difference is what gives you the $114 million I’m talking about”, the minister said.

However, GED said its careful analysis of the project has shown that “no funds were diverted”.

Read GED’s full assessment of the project below:























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