‘Sakawa Boy’ Sprays Money At West Hills Mall – VIDEO


In a video posted on the Facebook, a young guy ─obviously into sakawa or fraud was seen spraying cash at the West Hills Mall.

He stood on the top floor of the Mall and started spraying the cash from a bag full of cash and as usual, people around were rushing just to pick one or two bills.

The currency of the money is not known but since it’s an alleged sakawa boy doing this, it’s likely to be some dollar bills, British Pounds or perhaps cedis.

Comments monitored under the video somehow suggests that it’s a way to use people who will pick the cash for blood sacrifice as the year is almost ending.

Watch the video below

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WATCH VIDEO: This guy was spotted at the West Hills Mall just spraying money.

Posted by Ghanacelebrities.com on Saturday, December 29, 2018

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