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Sammy Awuku Decides not to Contest Elections in NPP as National Organizer

Cape Coast, 23rd December, 2020, The National Organizer of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Sammy Awuku who is affectionately known as the ‘Capo’ within the NPP fraternity has emphatically stated that, “One thing I know for sure is that, I shall not be seeking reelection as National Organizer of the New Patriotic Party”.

“I’ve served my party well and I don’t think I’ve new ideas to serve the party in the capacity as National Organizer”. “I shall give way for a new person with fresh ideas to come and help the party” “I shall only offer ideas as when I can” he added.

Speaking to Emefa Apawu on Joy News Extra today Wednesday 23rd December, 2020, he reaffirmed his position by saying that “When I was contesting for the National Youth Organizer of my party, I said I was not going to seek reelection in that same position” he intimated.

Answering whether he shall be going up the ladder as a national officer, the Capo said “When we get to that bridge, we shall cross it but for now, he can conveniently state that, he shall not contest as the National Organizer”.

According to Sammy Awuku, he vision was to help the party secure victory in the 2020 elections which the party has successfully delivered. “Party members can have a good Christmas because they won the 2020 elections”. “Party supporters must be happy they won and enjoy their Christmas”.

In responding to the parliamentary seat situation as it stands now, the National Organizer of the NPP said “We still have the majority in Parliament but the lessons the electorates have taught us in this elections is to be able to work together as people without giving a clear majority to any party”.

He further explained that, in the Fomena situation, no one antagonised the parliamentary candidate as being speculated. But, when he realized that, certain things were not done right, he decided to contest the general and recused himself from the party primaries. He himself has said that “My people are NPP and they want me to sit with the NPP” and this is why I say we have majority in parliament, Mr. Awuku affirmed.

The National Organizer of the NPP added that, the NPP has set up committee to assess what happened and all national officers shall be appearing at the committee sitting to explain what they think went wrong.

According to him all these are being done in to put the party on a sound footing to be able to win the 2024 elections. “This is the party’s target”.

He ended by saying that he can assure the party that, when things are done right, all the seats the party lost in the just ended 2020 elections can be recaptured in 2024. “We did that in 2016 and we can do same in 2024.

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