Sammy Awuku,Bryan Acheampong To Fly By-Election Invisible Forces Abroad

The National Organizer of the New Patriotic Party is working with Bryan Acheampong to fly the invisible forces who were armed and ordered to shoot and kill by the Bryan Acheampong to South Africa, UK and Dubai ahead of the first official  meeting of the commission set up by the President to make available findings on the shooting incident in AWW by-election.
The two gentlemen were spotted with some of the invisible forces at the embassies of the above-mentioned countries in Ghana earlier on Friday this week. Our sources at the visa department were emphatic they were there to get visas for their boys an indication that they want to fly the criminals abroad.
No wonder my General Secretary(Mosquito) made it clear that the commission of enquiry is just a puppet of the Npp just like the Ghana police that only exist to be controlled by party people under this government.
The meeting at Peduase Lodge concluded that the boys who perpetrated those crimes should be flown out of the country before the hearing starts in order to make no case out of the commissions’ report.
The action of this government shows that they are not actually interested in finding the criminals in this matter but to buy time for their trained criminals to fly out of the country to avoid being caught by the laws of the land.
We plead with our partners in the various embassies to help stop those criminals from flying out of the country to enable us to find them and push them to face the laws of our land.
Npp is indeed a terrorist organization but they can’t get away with this particular issue this time around.
Let’s all be on guard to protect and defend ourselves and our constitution with anything we can lay our hands on because Nana Addo and his police have destroyed the beautiful and peaceful country we handed over to them.
I am a citizen, Not Spectator!

Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO
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