The Asuogyaman District Assembly has identified sanitation as a key challenge facing the district and has made a strong case towards addressing the issue as it has pledged and announced plans to ensure proper sanitation in the district from 2018.
The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Samuel Kwame Agyekum made this known in an interview with Drink Safe Water ambassador, Michael Oberteye during a Town Hall Meeting at Akrade. According to him, special priority is going to be given to the provision of toilet facilities for communities within the district to address the rising sanitation concerns in the district.

The Chief Executive gave the assurance at a Town Hall Meeting organized by the District Information Office under the auspices of the Asuogyaman District Assembly in collaboration with its Heads of Departments, at Akrade in the Eastern region. According to him, the assembly is going to depend heavily on the said amounts and put the money to good use including the provision of places of convenience when it receives its first share of the $1m allocation in October, 2017.
Sanitation remains a major health issue in many parts of the country including Asuogyaman, a situation honourable Agyekum said he was committed to fighting through a special allocation in the 2018 assembly budget.
The MCE who regretted that the Assemblies’ Common Fund was insufficient in addressing most of the challenges confronting the assembly said he was counting on the release of government’s one million dollar per constituency project to run these needs in the Asuogyaman district including the improvement of on sanitary conditions.
“Sanitation is a major challenge in the Asuogyaman district as a lot of the households come without toilet facilities. The absence of toilet facilities in homes has urged us to take the fight on sanitation to another level. The absence of the toilets is leading to indiscriminate and open defecation even into water bodies and this is a big problem. The project is therefore aimed at providing good places of convenience for Asuogyaman.
According to him, the assembly has already included a special allocation of its 2018 budget to the cause of sanitation through a different project to be run by the assembly.
“The assembly is going to show its commitment to the fight on sanitation through a special project the assembly is going to run next year where special assistance would be provided to interested households without places of convenience but keen of building such facilities,’ the assembly chief asserted.
He also added that the setting up of market facilities is also going to be another major area of development as ‘every town is going to be provided with a market facility.’
The meeting was aimed at interacting with the various segments of the society and also to create a platform for them to ask relevant questions on development issues and the utilization of Assembly resources to better their lives.  The various Assemblies are mandated by the Constitution to account for their stewardship and the management of the public resources that have been entrusted into their care by the people.
Source: Oberteye//


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