Save lake Bosomtwe – Chief to gov’t

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The Adontenghene of Abono in the Bosomtwe District of the Ashanti Region, Nana Kofi Nyame, has called on the government to save the Lake Bosomtwe from drying.

According to the chief, the only natural lake in Ghana is drying up due to human activities including deforestation and farming around the lake.

The lake, which was discovered in 1,640, serves as a recreational centre while fish are obtained from it for food.

Speaking in an interview with Class News’ regional correspondent Elisha Adarkwah during the campaign tour of the presidential candidate of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP), Dr Herbert Henry Lartey, to Abono, the chief bemoaned the low level of the catch made by fishermen currently compared to the past years.

The chief appealed to the government to extend its tree-planting exercise across the country to the area where the lake is situated to ensure that trees are planted around the lake to salvage it and prevent it from drying up.




Source: Class FM

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