Sawla DCE rescues another woman accused of witchcraft from being lynched

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District Chief Executive for Sawla Tuna Kalba District Hon Lawal Tamimu has rescued a 58-year-old woman from being lynched by a group of men and women who accused her of being a witch.

The DCE who made this known said he picked up intelligence from a source that a group of men and women were going to beat up the 58-year-old woman because to them she has bewitched them and is to be blamed for their failure in life.

Hon Lawal Tamimu moved into the area where the old lady identified as Pogogyir was and rescued her from the charged Mob of young men and women who were ready to give the poor old lady the beating of her life.

The District Chief Executive used the opportunity to advise the charged youth calling on them to allow for the appropriate quarters to deal with such issues because the mob action is giving the region a bad name.

He recollected Akua Danteh’s death that received national attention and was condemned by many including the President of the country.

Meanwhile, Madam Pogogyir has visited Hon Tamimu to express her profound gratitude and timely intervention for saving her life.





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