Screenshot | La Meme Gang’s RJZ involved in rape scandal

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La Meme Gang member RJZ has been seriously accused of rape on twitter

A twitter user by name CassieforU has accused the “Bye Bye” hitmaker of rape

According to her, he raped her friend and after he allowed his friend to also sleep with her because she was drunk

Initially, the girl who was raped decided to file a police report but for some reasons, she decided she didn’t want to go through with it again because he was popular and she was scared she’d be disgraced on twitter and her mum would be disappointed

La Même Gang's member RJZ accused of rape with proof

According to CassieForU, although it’s obvious her friend is scared of reporting him because she will be disgracing herself as well

She will continue with the expose whether her friend like it or not because its the right thing to do

What I want RJZ to understand is .. Yes I’m exposing you on twitter so other girls can becareful around you but it doesn’t end there.. You’re still going to end up in jail cause whether she likes it or not .. we have all the needed evidence.. We just want it to be the right time

she said

Below are the screenshots

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