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Security blocks Fixthecountry demonstrators from entering parliament

Fixthecountry demonstrators have being met with heavy security at the main gate of Parliament House as they shut the gate on the demonstrators, despite a promise from the Inspector General of Police to give them entry.

Okatakyie kwame Africa-Mensah a lead member of the demonstrators said the IGP promised them when they met with the police to discuss the route of the demonstration and other security matters. The IGP promised the security at the House of Parliament will allow them entry if they are not above 500.

It must also be noted that Parliament is today voting on the passage of the 2022 budget.

Fixthecountry demonstrators organised today’s demo calling on members of parliament to vote against the budget, outlining the obnoxious E-levy in the 2022 budget and other taxes introduced by the Nana Akufo Addo led government as reasons why the budget must be rejected. The demonstration is titled (Yentua) to wit we won’t pay. These young men and women have taken a position after the budget reading stating that Ghanaians will not pay the E-Levy since nothing good come from the revenue generated in the country.

Okayayie Afrifa explained that honoring the promise of the IGP will eradicate the mind set of some Ghanaians that Parliament House is a no go area and will also educate people to understand they can actually visit Parliament House, listen to proceedings and contribute to issues on the floor.


Source: My News Ghana

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