A court in South Korea has sentenced former President Park Geun-hye to 24 years in prison, drawing a line under a massive corruption scandal that engulfed the east Asian nation for most of last year.
Park, South Korea’s first female president, was convicted of more than a dozen counts of abuse of power, coercion and bribery in a case that ensnared an array of the nation’s top officials and businessmen.
The 66-year-old did not appear in court for the verdict of the trial, which began last May but was delayed through the autumn as Park refused to cooperate or attend the proceedings.
“The defendant showed no signs of self-reflection. She abused the power given to her by citizens,” said Kim Se-yoon, the trial judge, who also slapped Park with a fine of almost $17m.
Park is the fifth South Korean leader to be accused or convicted of graft in a nation that is plagued by cronyism and abuse of power.
Source: The Financial Times