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Loudmouth Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has eaten the humble pie and asked for forgiveness after he was dragged to the Chief Justice for insulting a High Court judge, Sulemana Issifu after an injunction granted against him over a piece of land.

Speaking on the Seat show on Net 2 TV on Monday evening he said, “Listen to the reason why I am angry. The lawyer wrote the thing on August 5, and the judge scheduled appearance on August 13. I didn’t get anything from them; then on September 1, you granted an injunction on the property. You are a stupid judge; I will face you. You are a stupid judge. 18 years that I’ve had the land nobody served me and then I get called and told that an injunction has been placed on it. You are a stupid judge.”

In his rage, he added that he was not like Anas who would take bribes from them. And added that he was going to deal with them squarely.

He fumed, “You think I fear someone? I am not like Anas who will take a bribe from you. I will deal with you…nobody served me anything. I didn’t know what was going on. Then all of a sudden you say I should not go to the land. You are an animal of a judge”.

In a letter to the Chief Justice, High Court judge, Sulemana Issifu asked the Chief Justice to deal with Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.

His letter read:

Tel: +4915217593128



Dear Your Lordship, Justice Anim Yeboah,


Your Lordship, please have my highest regard and I hope this petition finds you well.
I wish to draw your attention to two issues that are of supreme national interest and may have grave consequences for our dear Republic if not expeditiously addressed. I do so, on account of the constitutional imperative that obliges all citizens to at all times safeguard the constitution of Ghana and by extension, the creatures of the constitution including the judiciary, which you are head of. As the head of this important state institution, it is my contention, that, due to the severity of the issues at hand, it should be brought to your attention for action. My trepidation is premised on the unfortunate historical antecedent, which your good self may be much familiar with than me, where judges were murdered in cold blood while exercising their duties. Thereafter, other incidences including the storming and ransacking of Kumasi High Court by thugs, ‘Montie 3’, etc have occurred and I offer to assist to stop this monumental impunity against the courts.

First issue
I have seen a video and authenticated same to be original, in which, the honourable member of parliament for Assin Central, Mr Kennedy Agyepong, amidst unsavoury comments (which out of respect for Your Lordship, I am unable to repeat but are contained in the attached video and transcripts) about a sitting judge and the entire judiciary, threatens to deal ruthlessly with a judge whom, Mr Agyepong claims, had issued an interlocutory injunction against him in land dispute case (Emmanuel Mompi, Iris Mompi, Mr Eric Afotey Odai versus Hon. Knennedy Ohene Agyapong with case reference number LD/1028/20). The unfortunate and highly dangerous actions of Mr Agyepong happened on his Net 2 TV while appearing on a show dubbed “The Seat” hosted by one, Kweku Annan. I have attached a copy of the video and transcripts of his comments to this petition for your perusal.

First, his outburst puts the sitting judge’s life in harm’s way because revulsion towards the judge may have occasioned amongst the teeming supporters of Mr Agyepong. I therefore beforehand, request you respectfully, to take immediate steps to secure the life of the judge. Your Lordship, if this matter is not addressed, I am afraid it may spur on political actors to use their influence to cower the judiciary into submission and insulate politicians from the law. This would engender hate and weaken the standing of the judiciary and cast it as a ‘white elephant’ in the eyes of many ordinary Ghanaians. Further, it would mean that ordinary people cannot seek justice from the courts against persons of Mr. Agyepong’s stature and breed a culture of lawlessness amongst the populace.

An important point for your attention, Your Lordship, is that, looking at Mr. Agyepong’s standing in our society as a legislator and an influential political actors, he ought to have known available remedies to him should he feel dissatisfied by a court’s ruling. Indeed I hold that, Mr Agyepong would have been fully aware of the laid down legal remedies available to him, as same may have been communicated to him by his counsel, but opted to use his influence to sway the public to his direction and to ingrain in the minds of his teeming supporters, his authority over the courts. It is my respectful view, and I hold same to be true per the contents of the video, that, he set out to desecrate the courts in a contemptuously bizarre fashion.

I further hold, Your Lordship, that, Mr Agyepong’s conduct is graver in scope and impact than the infamous ‘Montie 3’. This is because of the influence he wields and the coverage of the channel on which he made these dangerous comments compared to the ‘Montie 3’ in these respects. A strong action against Mr Agyepong is necessary to establish the independence and authority of the courts and to deter persons in the future from acting in an analogous manner. Such action will instill in the people, confidence in – and the requisite support for – the judiciar

Second issue
Your Lordship, in another video of Mr Agyepong which was shot on the same “The Seat” show, he, together with the host, created an impression and indeed communicated succinctly to the public that, you, Justice Annin Yeboah, the Chief Justice of the Republic, had restored the ‘licenses’ and ‘certificates’ of all judges who were busted in the judicial scandal produced by, investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas.
Respectfully, I seek the following information as part of my right to information under the constitution and RTI Act of parliament, and request same to be communicated to me in writing –

  1. Is it true that justices who were busted and dismissed have been reinstated, and their ‘certificates/licenses’ restored if at all those licenses were revoked?
  2. If so, when did this happen and what processes were used for the restoration/reinstatement?
  3. If false, why has not your respected office issued any statement debunking these serious allegations or disinformation so to speak? I have attached a copy of the said video and transcripts for your perusal.
    Please, be rest assured, that, though I am currently not in the Ghanaian jurisdiction, should your office require of me to assist in unpacking the issues raised herein, I shall avail myself to assist if given enough notice time. Kindly use the correspondence provided in the address section in case of reply.

Accept my best wishes. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Sulemana Issifu

President of the Republic of Ghana
Vice President of the Republic of Ghana
Speaker of Parliament
Majority Leader of Parliament
Minority Leader of Parliament
Judicial Secretary
Association of Magistrates and Judges
Ghana Bar Association
Judicial Staff Association of Ghana

Kennedy Agyapong apologised to the judges saying that

In his words, he said: I want to use this opportunity to render an apology to the judges for what I said the pother time, In fact I went to far and over reacted so please forgive me.

I have nothing against the judges, most of them are my friends and they have called me. They are not happy because I fought Anas for them and if Suddenly I’m behaving this way, it is not the best. So I”m sorry. Forgive me.


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