Shocking: Married man gets stuck while cheating on his wife. (PHOTOS)


In Uganda, the attention of a native doctor was needed in an effort to separate a married man who reportedly got stuck while having sex with his girlfriend.

The incident occurred at a hospitality home, Triple Zero Guest House located in Namatala, Mbale. The philanderer and his company were captured entwined as onlookers gathered around them.

Images showed some observers making efforts to detach the unidentified man from the lady.

They were also pictured at the backseat of a vehicle, suggesting that attempts initially made on ground to remove him from the woman was abortive.

A bunch of weird occurrences have been recorded in Uganda and they often seem to be related to sex.

Harriet Nambi, a 24-year-old woman reportedly stabbed her husband, Musa Batera, aged 25 to death, for denying her sex.

Community members arrived in droves at the residence of the husband killer.
Community members arrived in droves at the residence of the husband killer.

The murder suspect who is also a school teacher has been apprehended by the police according to Tuko News. It was reported that Nambi delivered a baby through caesarean section two months prior to the event.

Reports also revealed that the horny teacher had consulted a neighbour identified as Hasifa Babirye,  concerning her challenge.

The home of the deceased.The home of the deceased.

The latter had advised her to be patient with her husband who has two other wives but her counseling failed to yield a positive outcome.

Nambi reportedly insisted on harming her husband, a former representative of their community if he doesn’t attend to her urge.

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