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Shukura-based fraudster ISSAH exposed online, latest victim cries for Ghc470 ‘mugu’

A young man based in Accra Shukura and other suburbs of Accra such as Nima, one Issah has been exposed as a serial fraud who lures unsuspecting members of the public under the pretext of selling something and bolting with the money.

With several aliases, Issah was exposed when he defrauded a young lady of Ghc460 and went missing refusing to pick or return calls without putting off his mobile phone.

Following the exposé, several women and guys have come forward on how they fell victim to the said fraud amd have chosen to leave “everything for Allah.

In a post sighted on a page popular among Zongo residents and Muslims, Issah who carried the alias of Adam was exposed once again.

“Adam at Accra Nima with phone number 0543138415 and photos attached please for the sake of Allah send the 470 cedis to the young girl please. She just started this small small business and trusted you as a Muslim brother to help and not to run away with her capital. We’ve called you several times you keep answering and hanging up. May be this way will help. Fresh boy paaaaa da darga? Haba😂 garin baa sworon Allah baa gaskiya”

Under the post, several people admitted being defrauded by the same person.

“Yeah.. he did same thing to my friend who’s now on Saudi Arabia, took the money and said he’d deliver some items, he never did. He wouldn’t answer any calls and he wouldn’t even tell the man anything. He needs to grow up” one wrote.

“To be honest, I’ll say I’m at all surprised this guy is being posted here today. Thinking he’s changed and turned a new leaf.. boom there he goes on iqra for fraudulent act. Hmm.. ba easy ba.. Allah ya shiryar muna, Aamin 🙏 Fatau Khazaafi Mohammed come be my witness” another added.

Several attempts to reach him for his side of the story proved futile.

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