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Since 2017 NPP never advertises Security service recruitments

Former Deputy Education Minister and Member of Parliament(MP) for North Tongu Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has expressed worry over the practice of the protocol system under the Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo government.

According to him, currently, people who are well connected to people in higher places are the ones enjoying the country’s resources and opportunities.

A worried Okudzeto Ablakwa indicated that it’s sad that the country has got to a stage where people do not get opportunities based on merit but rather based on the fact that they know people or someone in a higher authority knows them.

He believes that such a system in the country is worrying and needs to be addressed because these are some of the things that has led to several movements on social media against the government.

He raised this argument when he was speaking about recruitments into the Security agencies in the country since the NPP government took over power.

Ablakwa said the Minority in Parliament have filed a motion to probe recruitment into the various security agencies because since the NPP took over power, such vacancies are not announced but rather the protocol system is what is used.

When questioned whether he does not have a quota like other Members of Parliament do, Okudzto Ablakwa said he was not interested in having it because it will bring pressure to him because the people he doesn’t pick may gang up against him.

He called for the building of a fair and just society that gives opportunities to all and not just a few privideged ones.

“We have not happy with how recruitment were done from 2017, there was only one advertisement in 2017. The Minister for Interior and the Defence Minister tell us that they then created a database so no subsequent recruitment so 2018, 2019, 2020 was done under the cover of darkness, shouldered in secrecy, some mystery of a sort which we do not agree with and so they have just been recruiting.

And so what you’ll realize is that for the first time in this country recruitments going on and you’ll just hear that look there are young people at the recruitment grounds and everybody is fine. But when you do that you are denying the youth fair opportunity because somebody becomes eligible in 2018 some in 2019 so if you claim you are using a database of 2017 which we doubt. Our investigation of what is going on is that it was just protocol arrangement.

These protocol things must stop. That is what is leading to all the agitations. It is leading to this #fixthecountry movement where you are seeing young people say look if you don’t know anybody who knows somebody or who is so connected or nobody knows you you don’t stand a fair chance. I don’t have a quota, as a Member of Parliament I don’t want a quota because it will even create a problem for me because why do I pick just five people and my favourites so the others who I do not pick won’t they gang up against me as Member of Parliament? So I’ve never supported this thing. Sometimes you’ll hear rumours that those on the ruling side have quotas but I don’t have any confirmation so I will rather not dabble in speculation”

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