Slain pastor killed by nephew family speaks out


The family of Reverend David Nagbemado, the Assemblies of God pastor who was brutally stabbed and killed by his nephew, has come out to denounce his actions.

In a press statement released to media Monday, the family wishes to “distance itself” from Francis Nagbemado, their family member and assailant who took his uncle’s life. 

“The family of the Nagbemados wants to state categorically that Rev Dr. David Mankrom Nagbemado was a genuine man of God, who was humble and down to earth. He was passionate about God and has impacted many lives both in Ghana and abroad,” the statement reads.

Slain pastor killed by nephew family speaks out 1

Following the murder, the suspect assumed responsibility for the crime but suggested that his actions were justified because his uncle engaged in human sacrifices.

The family discredits Francis’ claims, though. According to the family, Rev. Nagbemado was not an idol worshipper, “but a true man of God.”

Francis stabbed Rev. Nagbemado to death just as he was scheduled to deliver his sermon Sunday. Following the murder, he attempted to flee in a taxi but was apprehended by some members in the community.

Audio released earlier this week purports to show Francis saying he killed Rev. Nagbemado because he was not practicing what he preached, adding that his uncle was tied to some deaths in the family and within the church.

But the family affirms that the Reverend was a “great icon.”

“We plead with the public to respect the moment the family and church is going through and allow them the space to grieve a genuine and accomplished man of God, Rev David Mankrom Nagbemado.”

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