Author: Reindolf Amankwa
It’s slightly over two years after the inauguration of Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo into office as Fifth President of the Fourth Republic of Ghana. Prior his coming into office as President, that’s at the time of his campaign, he made numerous promises which caught the attention of majority of citizens, aiding in his overwhelming win during the elections. The expectations of the citizenry just as his promises were, became numerous thereof.
The clock began ticking even as the opposition had set themselves ready for a time to time appraisal. Indeed, the major opposition party exhibited and still continue to exhibit their checks and balances through constant press conferences, whether or not they really did or do us any good. Nonetheless, it was and has been perfect for the attention seeking strategy of a suffocating opposition and by way a sign that the ruling government had no reason to create room for so many political errors, to a larger extent not deviating from its mandate to deliver on its promises or campaign manifesto.
To conclude in either ways that the government has delivered much to expectation or not to expectation would be hasty. However, it won’t be out of place to commend government’s efforts in delivering on its promises and most importantly staying as true as greatly as possible to the people of Ghana. In the political history of Ghana, this government if not the Kufour led government is the most listening government we have ever had to see. Not only is the government a listening one, it is the government which has the future generation of this nation at heart. Unlike a previous government whose main aim was to create, loot and share the resources of the state amongst its cronies, this present government has done excessively well in reshaping governance in Ghana.
All the policies laid down and the actions undertaken so far are directive of the fact that there is a greater light at the end of the tunnel. Interestingly, the political doom prophets, who had the mandate to exhibit such kind of visionary leadership but woefully failed do not appreciate the visioned leadership we have found ourselves in. Ghana is definitely working again and for us who are optimists, we know and believe that the end shall positively justify our optimism. All we expect from our government is focusing on the vision to make Ghana work again, by this, staying awaken without slumber. Surely, Ghana is working again.
Reindolf Amankwa
Member, Critical Thinkers International (CTI) – Middle Belt
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