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Smoking ‘wee’ rather renders you impotent – Nurse gives a contrary opinion

A mental health nurse with the Bongo District Hospital has said contrary to the wild perception that smoking marijuana and taking in alcohol makes one potent and active in bed, it rather has an adverse effect on one’s manhood.

Prince Kofi Yeboah argues that alcohol consumption, as well as marijuana and cigarette smoking, affect almost every organ of the body hence, consumers risk developing serious health complications which could lead to their death or affect their social life.

“Alcohol can even affect your potency as a man. You may have a low sperm count as a result of alcohol intake. Smoking and alcohol intake can cause erectile dysfunction.”

“People think that when they take alcohol they will be effective, the short term effect of alcohol is that it stimulates you briefly but the long term effect is that it is going to depress your central nervous system and once it depresses your central nervous system, even your ability to act and react is slowed. Your thinking pattern is slowed, your judgment is impaired. Almost every organ in the body is affected by alcohol,” he pointed out.

Prince Yeboah indicated that people who take in alcohol and smoke cigarette have a shortened lifespan.

“We have one diagram called the ‘Smoker’s Body’. Almost every system is affected by alcohol, marijuana and even cigarette. Nicotine is equally very harmful. That is the active ingredient in cigarettes. And there are a lot of things. You may be more predisposed to getting tuberculosis when you are a chronic smoker.

Your lifespan can be shortened. You are more likely to develop throat or lung cancer if you are a smoker and once you get these conditions, your lifespan will be shortened as compared to someone who doesn’t take alcohol or smoke marijuana or cigarette. You can develop hypertension, you can develop diabetes. We have what we called alcohol cirrhosis or cirrhosis of the liver. Once you get into that stage, there is absolutely nothing that can be done. You will only be nursed or managed to a peaceful death,” he stated.




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