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Social Media Dirties Tracey Boakye Again Over Wearing Old and Dirty Wig – Screenshots

Tracey Boakye has become the punching bag of social media trolls the same way that anyone who crosses her becomes the punching bag of her uncouth mouth.

Tracey thinks she can ‘insult’ more than anyone on planet earth but social media users have sharper teeth than she can ever dream of!

Quite recently an old video of Tracey popped up in which she was raining insults on Ghanacelebrities.com Founding Editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong over a story he wrote which she did not like.

Tracey said numerous foul and uncouth things in the video as is her trademark but social media users are also having their fun with her over her appearance in the video.

After the video was posted by Instagram account thosecalledcelebs, numerous followers insulted Tracey, attacking her for her dirty mouth, old and wrinkled wig and many hilarious reasons.

Tracey might think she can trash talk more than anyone but social media users keep disciplining her with no mercy.

Check some of the comments below…


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