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Some Christians Exhibit Moral Depravity Than Non Christians – Pastor Elvis Agyeman

Cape Coast, 13th April, 2021, Pastor Elvis Agyemang who is the founder and leader of the Grace Mountain Church has made some revelations about some behaviours men and women who attend church exhibit that are worrying to him.

According to him, Christians can choose to cover up all the immoral things that are happening in body of Christ but he can say on authority that “Cheap men and cheap women, half are tongues speaking people in Church”.

This according to him means, all is not well with the church today and there is too much pretense in the church which needed to be addressed.

Taking the dressing of some believers into consideration, he said, “Those who are in the world sometimes who don’t attend church even dress better than those who are in the Church”.

Again regarding sexual perverseness he intimated that “We have some women” in the church “The usher has slept with her, the protocol has slept with her, the pastor has slept with and almost everybody has slept with her, but she is in the church” he claimed.

He made these remarks in a sermon he delivered to his church members on the message titled ‘Dangers of Sexual Perversion” monitored on his official Facebook page “Pastor Agyemang Elvis”.

Pastor Elvis revealed further that, in some situations there are those in church who are married men and womanising as well. Some other female church member who belongs to a department of the Church can be cohabiting with another male Church member when not married.

“Some people want leadership position in the church not to worship God, but because women would trust him” he posited regarding the attitude of some male Christians in church today.

These according to the pastor, are practical examples depicting that, the level of moral decay which is found in the body of Christ.

In exemplifying what he was trying to put across, he remarked that, an associate pastor under him who has not gone anywhere yet “Have already proposed to ten (10) different women” in the church. He added “Just because of one prophecy you gave, you have gone to propose to two women”. Is that how the believer must behave, he quizzed.

Continuing with the sermon, he noticed that, the Bible says a good woman, who would get, she is better than rubies. Thus, such woman cannot be enticed by money but, can I say that concerning women of today, he quizzed in bewilderment.

“Let someone come to church and park his BMW vehicle and walk into this church, before I would realise, one of my girl children would be going out with that man”.

According to him, what is happening is that one does not need a vehicle but all one needs to do is grow his beard, just be an usher and one of my daughter’s would be going out with that person. “What is wrong with you” he said referring to the ladies in his church.

Pastor Elvis made reference from the Holy book by quoting from James 1:14 “But each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed”.

Expounding on the above, he said God does not tempt anyone and no one also tempts God but was quick to add that, God said if anyone goes through any temptation, it is that individuals own lustfulness that has given him or her away. It is not from God.

In concluding he said, God wouldn’t use sex to tempt anyone. “It is our own lust that is worrying us and we blame God for it”.

“To say God made you go through such behaviours such that, next time if it happens, would make you wiser when you face a similar situation, cannot be true” he affirmed.

He added, he can believe some of these excuses when people who make such comments are not Christians but now that you are a Christian, when such things happen, it is not God. “Your own uncontrolled lust, should be blamed”.

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