AUDIO:Special Office of Prosecutor will reduce the burden on Attorney General- Hon. Abdallah

0 Odiasempa Kofi Boadi

The Parliamentary, Constitutional and Legal Committee of Parliament has disclosed that the Special Office of Prosecutor will help in the speedy of justice delivery in Court and reduce the the burden on the Attorney General.
Hon. Ben Abdallah believed  that the GYEEDA scandal involving Mr. Abuga Pele and Mr.Philip Assibit has come to a  conclusion long time ago, if the case was being handled by the Office of the Special Prosecutor.
His comment follows the conviction of a former top government official, Abuga Pele and a private service provider, Philip Assibit  by Accra Court to 18 years ,after they were found guilty of 19 counts including dishonestly causing financial loss to the state.
In an interview monitored by on Onua FM “Y3N S3MPA” program Monday morning, Hon. Abdallah blamed the delay of justice delivery in court  on the over- burden on both the prosecutors, Lawyers and Presiding Judges.
In order to  reduce corruption in the country, Hon Abdallah suggested the establishment of Judicial Centres across the country to handle all corruption related issues.
“Justice delay is justice deny. I believe the case has concluded long time ago if it was handed by the Special Prosecutor.Delay in some cases are due to the workload on some Prosecutors, Lawyers and Judges’.
Hon. Ben Abdallah expressed optimism in the Special Prosecutor Mr.Martin A.B.K Amidu.
“We believe in him, we believe he is bold  and he is Independent minded” he

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