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Spiritually Very Strong, Physically His Body Was Overworked and Weak – Prophet Blessing On The Cause Of Death of T. B. Joshua

Cape Coast, 6th June, 2021, The sudden demise of popular Nigerian Televangelist Temitope Balogun Joshua has sent shock waves throughout the world especially among Christians faithfuls.

Popularly called Prophet T. B. Joshua is reported to have lost his life on Saturday shortly after conducting a live broadcast, but the cause of his death has not been made public.

While most people are shocked because at 57 he cannot be considered to be too old, most Christians are comforted by the fact that, he died working for his Maker and humanity.

To appreciate what might have caused his death, this author spoke to Prophet Nana Yaw Blessing of the House of Prayer For All Nation Family (HOPFAM) Church in Cape Coast to elicit his views on the possible causes of the sudden departure of Prophet Joshua.

Speaking on his “About Life Show” today Sunday 6th June 2021, on GBC Radio Central, the HOPFAM leader revealed that “It is stress and overwork and inability to rest well that has killed the popular man of God”.

“Deliverance ministers suffer a lot from stress related complications due to exertion of force and energy to cast out demons in order to deliver God’s people.”

Prophet Blessing further disclosed that to shout “Go and I cast out to compel evils forces afflicting people to leave demands a lot energy”.

In addition he said the Synagogue Church of All Nations leader sometimes had to attend to thousands of worshippers in a day and all these sapped his energy.

In making practical his assertion, he said “Assuming Prophet T. B. Joshua is delivering 1000 people in a day. On each person he shouts go or I cast you out four times, that is equivalent to 4000 shouts”.

“All these demands energy and affects the physical body. Spiritually T. B. Joshua is very strong and no can harm him but the body that carries the spirit becomes weak due to overuse and work”.

Prophet Blessing took the opportunity to admonish all minsters especially the deliverance ministers to take very good care of their bodies.

“While you feed your spirit through prayer and fasting, you need to take very good care of the body by eating good food to nourish it. Find time to rest as well. When that isn’t done, the body becomes too weak and cannot carry the spirit again”.

He averred that “Once the body gets to its equilibrium, it gives up and at that stage nothing can be done about it, and before you realise, you spirits leaves your body and there you shall realise, you’re dead.”

The HOPFAM leader and founder underscored the fact that, he had personally suffered a similar stressful situation before and nearly lost his life.

“The doctor advised me to rest and take care of myself because if I die today, my congregants would leave for another church” he stressed.

I know stress and overwork killed the popular man of God due to his large congregation and the demand to deliver everyone who needed help.

It is sad though but that is what it is.

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