Stop petty internal party politics & keep Akufo-Addo on his toes – Rawlings told

An associate professor of political science at the University of Ghana is cautioning former President Jerry John Rawlings not to meddle in petty internal party squabbles else he would not be taken serious.

Professor Ransford Gyampo is of the view President Rawlings’ continuous meddling in the rift in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) could undermine his image and integrity as a former president and a statesman
His comments comes on the back of the decision by President Rawlings not to criticise the the Akufo-Addo government but rather focus on the NDC, a party he founded.
According to former President Rawlings, the call on him to unleash criticism on the perceived corruption in the NPP government was unacceptable.
He explained that he would rather focus on dealing with the corruption in his party to protect the integrity underpinning the formation of the party.
But Prof. Gyampo has said the decision by former president defies his own probity and accountability maxim.
He impressed on the former president to muster courage and criticise the sitting government for any wrongdoing.
“He [President Rawlings] should be a statesman and just be behind the scenes and where necessary, come out to give wise counsel, not to one particular party, but to the nation using the principles of equity, social justice, probity and accountability. He should be able to hold all regimes accountable and to keep all regimes on their toes,” Prof. Gyampo advised.
Prof. Gyampo speaking to our reporter, Daniel Opoku [back to camera] The Political scientist again urged the former President to rise above petty internal party politics of the NDC and rather focus on offering counsel to the current president, Nana Akufo-Addo.
“If you look at his speech [31st December Revolution anniversary], he was essentially using those principles to explain the electoral defeat of the NDC that is already in opposition. I think that that is completely irrelevant. We all know why the NDC lost. The principles must be used to keep the existing regime, the current government on its toes,” he said.
Prof Gyampo who is currently the director of Centre for European Studies at the University of Ghana, cautioned President Rawlings not to impose his views on the party or risk facing stiffer resistance from members.
“A political party is an institution, it cannot be run like a spiritual church that will die when it founder dies and so he must allow the internal democratic structures; the decision making process of the party to flow so that he can continue to maintain his image, his reputation and respect within his party” he stated.

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