Stop tagging Zongo communities as robbery areas – NDC group to Aziz Futah

Abdul Aziz Futah, Nasara Coordinator of NPP
Abdul Aziz Futah, Nasara Coordinator of NPP

The Zongo Commando in NDC, Abdul Aziz Mohammed, has replied his counterpart Abdul Aziz Futah, who is the Nasara Coordinator of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) for tagging Zongo communities as robbery areas.

He said following widespread publication of the comments made by the NPP kingpin last week which was published by Ghanaweb, that the introduction of free SHS by the Akufo-Addo administration would address robbery cases in Zongo communities, he has been wondering if indeed Aziz Futah was truly from the Zongo community.

Reacting to the development in an interview, he questioned “How can you speak like this. A leader coming out of the Zongo community and you tag the area as robbery grounds. What exactly was he trying to achieve?

Is he an armed robber himself, if indeed he is from the Zongo community, if he is not, then who is doing the robbery in the Zongo communities that would be addressed by free SHS”.

The man tipped to win the Zongo Caucus Coordinator position in the impending national elections of the NDC, said Aziz Futah must guide his public utterances to save himself from embarrassment in the Zongo communities.

He explained that it was public knowledge that many of the robbery cases happening in Ghana usually occur in major cities and not slams or underprivileged communities like the Zongos.

“They are either high way robbery or robbery in residential areas. What is there in the Zongo communities for armed robbers to take” he asked.

According to the industrious politician who has gradually warmed himself into the bossom arms of delegates of NDC, the best way Aziz Futah could assist Zongo communities was to speak on promotion of peace and tranquillity, unity and diversity and not making slanderous comments against the area which has produced quality human resources for the development of the country.

“We refuse to accept this tag and calls on Aziz Futah to apologize or face the counter displeasure of Zongo constituencies nationwide”

He said following extensive consultation, some of the Zongo communities across the country have vowed to wait for Aziz and his party to visit them with the leadership, and they would receive blistering attacks.

“We would launch scathing attacks on them for maligning the Zongo communitie as robbery areas and I’m telling President Akuffo Addo and the leadership of the NPP”, he warned.

He ruled out any chances for the NPP to gain any reasonable ground in the Zongo communities following failed campaign promises and the recent utterances.

“We cannot associate ourselves with the Nasara Coordinator and also NPP for failing to condemn the unguarded, misguided, and unguided comments deliberately uttered to run down Zongo communities. It is unacceptably backsliding and thrush. Aziz ought to know better that together we can build and improve the image of Zongo communities” he fired an incredulous salvo”, he added.


source:Daniel Kaku

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  1. You see when leaders of this nature are talking then you asked their identity. What is the meaning of commando and which field of work used such terms? A Collins dictionary define a commando as a soldier specifically trained to carry out surprise attacks in enemy areas. So then the question is, is there a based to trained such characters and for which Zongo commando is a graduate? It is evident that Mr Commando is hallucinating and for which reason he doesn’t read to obtain the full details of wisdom for Abdul Aziz Haruna Futa. If you walk with people of wisdom ,you will indeed be blessed with some of their wisdom. Please , truth and lies cannot help you in your context.
    Abdul Aziz Haruna Futa is beyond your type and he is focus to tell the truth of your party”s neglect to the Zongos which has culminated in some of the youth becoming social misfit. To your hearing , the youth have resolved to make hay while the sun shines through the opportunities available to them now.
    The sky is the limit.


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