Stop the Palm Wine Business talk” Freddie Blay blasts Togbe Afede (VIDEO)


The National Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP),Mr.Freddie Blay has disclosed that he informed the party steering committee officially about his decision to buy the 275 buses for each constituency of the party.

“I informed the steering committee, I told them at a meeting,” he said.

Mr Freddie Blay, described as amazing and  “very foolish”, claims that the time frame  for purchasing the   buses for the party smacks vote- buying.


“It’s amazing that people will even suggest that and journalists will buy into that. Why now? If yesterday I didn’t do business, today I want to do business, ‘why am I now into business?’ It’s a very foolish question for people to ask that”.he was captured by saying this in an interview on Accra-based Joy Fm on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

According to him, he started arrangements to bring in the buses some eleven months ago – way before the internal polls held on Saturday, 7 July.

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“At the time, “I had not decided to contest yet’

However, Mr. Blay, said critics like Togbe Afede do not know what they talking about.

According to Freddie Blay, he is worried someone ‘like Togbe Afede has come in’, as he (Togbe Afede) is a businessman himself. He said Togbe Afede is ignorant of what he talking about.

“It is silly. I am sorry to use that words. For people to think like that, I find it disturbing”. he said.

“My only worry is that an individual like Togbe Afede has come in … mentioning it. Former President Mahama has come in from a different angle. Togbe Afede says what? He says the perception of corruption and vote-buying. Maybe he doesn’t understand what he is talking about.” Mr. Blay said.


“Maybe he doesn’t know what he is talking about”, adding “…before then, I arranged 200 motorbikes for the regions and two or three pickups for each region”.

Watch the video below

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