General Manager for Himel Ghana Limited, Mr. Austin Ebenezer Adjoweh has reiterated the need for storage systems by Ghanaian farmers to store their harvested farm produce as this is crucial in the farmers’ quest to make profit in their business which he asserts is the sole aim of most farmers.
According to Mr. Himel, the absence of these facilities exposes farmers to the dangers of post-harvest loses and affects the farming practices and profit expectations of farmers.
The General Manager extolled the many virtues of storage systems which are facilities or equipment designed to stockpile foodstuffs in order to extend the life span of crops.
He named some benefits of storage facilities as their ability to prevent all forms of pests and diseases from the stored crops as well as helping farmers to get a good market in the future for their crops and finally allow them to do all round farming.
On his part, Mr. Emmanuel Opong – Head of Administration and Logistics at Himel Ghana Limited added that most foreign countries have just about five to six months planting seasons, yet they produce more for import to other African Countries which Ghana is no exception; a feat he alluded to their foodstuff handling abilities.
Mr. Oppong further added that Ghana has a whole year round for farming a lot of stable foods such as cereals including maize, rice, wheat, millets, etc. which if stored well will feed the country and even export some to neighboring countries.
Mr. Emmanuel Oppong concluded that, most farmers in the country went for loans from credit facilities to venture into their businesses, a reason he ascribes to the need for authorities to provide storage facilities just like the Late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah started sometime ago to support farmers grow more to feed our local industries.
Modern storage facilities such as silos, warehousing with dry facilities, etc, are not in existence in the many parts of the country.  The main types of storage facilities in use are the traditional barns, a few improved cribs and roof storage.
Maize is the only grain with an elaborate storage system.  Facilities for the storage of other farm products are not available resulting in high post-harvest losses.  Processing as a means of conserving output is at a very low level and the traditional methods used are not efficient.  These compel the farmers to sell their farm produce at low prices during the harvest. Oberteye//