Strange: Woman set ablaze by mysterious fire while walking

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A 37-year-old woman is in grave pain after a mysterious fire set her ablaze, leaving her with severe burns on her left body.

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Narrating her story on Adom News, she recounted how she was strolling happily home from her ‘chop bar’ work at Twifo Pewodie in the Central Region when upon reaching the Pewodie School Park, all she saw was a mysterious fire burning her straight dress, which in turn melted on her skin.

The mother-of-three added she quickly stripped off the dress, and in the process suffered second-degree burns and scaling.

She is currently receiving local medication at home.

The Father of the victim, Kofi Aboagye, disclosed he had made several efforts, including draining his bank account, to bring his daughter back to normal, but all in vain.

Mr. Aboagye made a humble appeal to all benevolent Ghanaians to support him in healing his daughter







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