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Suaman lands doesn’t belong to the Aowin traditional Council. The Aowin Chief’s must know!

Yesterday, the 2nd June some elders and leaders of the Suaman Traditional Council and the Aowin Traditional Council met the Western North Regional Security Council over the unbelievable and absurd claims of the chief of Aowin that the boundary between Suaman and Aowin lie on the Fanoma River, near Mile 3 in the Suaman Traditional Area and therefore the granite rock deposits in the Dadieso Forest Reserve which is a Globally Significant Biodiversity Area (GSBA) is in the Aowin Traditional Area.



It’s very unfortunate the attempts made by the chief of Aowin to claim the lands of Suaman as part of his traditional area.
It is known that the boundaries between Suaman and Aowin lie in a river in the Susan Forest so it’s absolutely ludicrous for the chief of Aowin and his elders to even go beyond Akontombra Nkwanta (which is a part of the Suaman Traditional Area) and claim the boundary is at Fanoma which is a suburb of Dadieso.




I’m not surprised at such a greedy undertaking by the chief of Aowin. Usually lack of historical information is what springs such behaviors in leaders. Just as there arose a Pharoah who was ignorant of the good deeds of Joseph, the Jewish patriarch who led the Egyptian economy vibrantly and persecuted and tormented the Jews, this chief of Aowin is acting ignorantly.
Had he ( the chief of Aowin) known their history as a people and what the effect of a greedy chief (Ebiri Moro) brought upon them in the past, he wouldn’t have thought of manifesting greed in his reign. Had greed not been the driving factor of their great King Ebiri Moro, they would have had a kingdom larger than that of the Asantehene.




Before the Ebiri Moro invasion of Kumasi in 1722, the Aowin-Brossa controlled the whole of the current day West-North region, Ahafo region and about a quarter of the Ashanti region. It was this kind of greed that made Ebiri Moro attack Kumasi when the Ashanti army was at war in Akyem and killed the first Asantehemaa Nana Nyarko Kusi Amoa , took the old men, women and children captive. Nana Opoku Ware I upon hearing the news dispatched an army consisting of the Kenyaasihene, Bantamahene, Juabenhene, and his own cousins to pursue Ebiri Moro. Ebiri Moro was pursued and killed at current day Aduyaakrom, near the River Bia. News was sent to Nana Opoku Ware about the victory over Ebiri Moro.

The Asantehene asked the warriors led by Nana Yentumi lay down their weapons of war and settle there (that’s how Dadieso got its name – A people living on iron: weapons of war). So Nana Yentumi became the first chief of Dadieso.
This made the Ashantis took over all the lands that Ebiri Moro, the king of the Aowins ruled over including Ahafo, Sefwi, and all the surrounding lands. The Aowins retreated to their roots, Enchi where they have lived till now. That brought an end to the reign of Ebiri Moro and a new royal household took over Aowin-Brossa.

In these times, a chief of Aowin-Brossa is making the same greedy mistake of Ebiri Moro made.
The Hon. Regional Minister has assured a swift and fair resolution to the matter at hand. Under normal circumstances, he shouldn’t sit on the case because he’s of Aowin-Brossa stock but we trust that he’ll be fair and objective in the adjudication of the matter at hand. At the end of the day, all we want is peace, fairness, and justice without which a society cannot prosper.

Nana Ebbi Kwaw Dehyie II
Royal Abakomahene of the Suaman Traditional Area.

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