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Sunyani: Here’s a complete suicidal note left by late Leticia Pinaman

After all the back and forth of what led to the shocking death of Leticia Pinaman, the final year student of the Miracle Senior High School in Sunyani, it has emerged that the deceased left behind a complete suicidal note.

It was earlier reported in the media that Leticia left a short note which read “there’s so much pain in my heart” but the new note sighted by this portal has a different content.

In this latest note, the late beautiful young girl indicated that she has been totally been neglected by people and even those she called friends and expected love from turned her down.

According to the note, Leticia’s friends only come around when she has food in her chop box and that made her unhappy.

The note also reads that Leticia had not been happy ever since enrolling in the boarding house because her days were full of sadness.

It reads further that life was being unfair to her and she feels her destiny is not a pleasant thing. According to the note, Leticia has no one to share her problems with, not even at home, making her feel lonely most of the time.

She allegedly wrote in the note that she was aware the news of her death was going to sadden her friends but she had no option.

Read the full note below:

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