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Supreme Court Rules: Opanyin Abraham Kwaku Adusei Is Leader of Saviour Church

Former member of the Council of State under erstwhile John Mahama government, Opanyin Abraham Kwaku Adusei has been confirmed as the leader of Saviour Church of Ghana located at Osiem in the Eastern Region.

Supreme Court by a majority ruling dismissed a case brought against Opanyin Abraham Kwaku Adusei challenging his legitimacy to make claims to the church.

There has been a long legal tussle over the ownership of the Saviour Church with Mr. Asante Asirifi, a plaintiff and two others, claiming that the church was incorporated in 2007 as a limited liability company, therefore they alone had the legal right to operate with the church’s name.

They argued that Opanyin Adusei must cease using the Church’s name to conduct spiritual and religious activities.

The case was sent to the High Court in November, 2018 and to the Court of Appeal in January, 2020 before now going to the Superior Court of Judicature for a final ruling.

Representing the plaintiff at the Supreme Court, Peter Kwabena Adjei and his lawyer lost the legal battle as the Supreme Court (Civil Division) presided by five (5) Judges, by a 3-2 decision, has ruled in favor of Opanyin Adusei.

”The registration of the Plaintiff is hereby cancelled and the Registrar of Companies is ordered to cancel and expunge from the records certificate of Incorporation No. G.19,550 dated 7th February, 2007 in the name “Saviour Church of Ghana” on grounds of fraud”.

”The Plaintiff, its directors and their privies and associates are perpetually restrained from holding themselves out as having something to do with Saviour Church of Ghana except that the Defendants on terms set by them above may readmit any member of the Elias Asirifi faction back into the Saviour Church of Ghana in the spirit of reconciliation”, the court verdict read.

About Opanyin Adusei

Opanyin Abraham Kwaku Adusei is a former member of the Council Of State.

He was also the National Best Cocoa Farmer for the years 2014 and 2013 respectively.



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