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Taadi missing girls: Family begs police to release skeletons for burial before 2020

The family of Ruth Abekah, one of the Takoradi kidnapped girls, has petitioned the Ghana Police Service to release the skeletal remains of their daughter to them so they can bury her before 2020.

The families of the three (3) dead girls initially demanded a second DNA test after refusing to accept the skeletal remains given to them by the Ghana Police Service claiming that those bones were too old to be their daughters.

Family of Ruth Abekah, however, has taken t U-turn on that decision and has asked the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to give the remains to them to bury before this year ends.

The family informed the police of their decision during a meeting with the director of welfare of the Ghana Police Service, COP Dr. George Akufo Dampare.

Both parents of the dead girl have finally decided to let sleeping dog lie.




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