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Tafo Assemblymember condemns MCE’s alleged sale of school land

The Old Tafo 4 Miles Asuo Afram Assemblymember, Honourable Kwame Antwi has sent a word of caution to any person who has or is about to entrust his finance to purchase the Tafo Famous School land to have a change of mind.

He advised that irrespective of who is in charge of the sale, be it an Assemblymember of the Municipal Chief Executive, the asset is the government’s and no one is entitled to put it up for sale, notifying that whoever invests in it does it at his or her own risk.



A plot of the Tafo Famous School land is reported to cost 150,000Gh (1.5 billion old cedis) and seven plots are alleged to have been sold by the Tafo Municipal Chief Executive, Honourable Fred Owusu Obeng.

The Assemblymember has condemned the act and denied the involvement of other Assembly and Unit committee members.

“Tafo is a Municipal and the sale of an asset like this needs to be discussed at the general assembly and if possible, for rezoning,” he told Soireenews reporter, Isaac Owusu.

“One person cannot do this so I doubted the story before one, Osei Bonsu (NPP delegate at Tafo) prompted me with evidence of tapes and documents. The plot allocation has been changed and the land buyers have already acquired 7 plots so I called on my other members and we met to discuss the issue.”


Hon. Kwame Antwi – Old Tafo 4 Miles Asuo Afram Assembly member

Honourable Kwame Antwi told Soireenews that speculations suggest the land was sold by the incumbent Municipal Chief Executive and since he has no official knowledge, his duty to protect government asset to serve future generation in the Tafo Municipal is what he seeks.

“I will not let anyone on the land because it is the government’s asset and it is a legacy left behind to straighten our education. If indeed it is the MCE who sold the land to others, I will not permit anyone on the land because my mandate is to protect what we have and call for more development. The move by the MCE is selfish and it serves him alone.”



He further revealed that efforts to dig for the truth of the matter in the Assembly have proved futile as no one wants to be connected to the pursuit of truth due to his zero tolerance for corruption since he was appointed.

He advised that “the famous land is for the school and belongs to the government.”

“No one can step foot to work on this land therefore whoever has paid money to purchase a plot of land must redeem his cash because we are ready to protect the legacy left by our fathers for our welfare.”



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