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Takoradi Hospital Refuses To Release Medical Records Of ‘Missing But Found Woman’ On Legal Grounds

The Administrator at the Takoradi Hospital, Rev. Osei Boateng, says the facility has no right to release the medical records of Josephine Panyin Mensah, the said pregnant woman who was allegedly kidnapped in Takoradi about two weeks ago.

According to him, the said woman according to records has been a regular visitor to the hospital, however whether she is pregnant or not cannot be revealed unless a court orders so.

“The checks reveal that this lady has ever visited the hospital, once, twice or three times according to the records, but we are not able to disclose the detailed information concerning the purpose of coming and the conditions for which reason she was seen by a doctor so we are not allowed to do so,” he told citinews.

“This lady has been in the hospital and the first time she came there was around last year September, and from there records show that for about two or three occasions, she has been at the hospital,” he added.


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