Tamale: NPP Youth Besiege MMT To Loot Spare Parts


Security guards of the Metro Mass Transit Limited in the Northern regional capital, Tamale on Monday dawn reportedly bolted for cover leaving behind their arms when a group of youth suspected to be NPP sympathisers violently entered the company’s squalid garage at Lamashegu to forcibly auction broken down vehicles to themselves.
A bold security man who refused to escape said the youth numbering over 20  raided the yard around 5am and seized control for nearly two hours, earmarking vehicles and looting automotive parts.
Other staff including the Area Manager who arrived late during the raid were blocked access to the yard and the security men who fled returned only to stand alert miles away from the facility and watched in shock as the youth aggressively strike down body parts of faulty vehicles and dumped it across walls of the yard.
The guard who declined to identify himself added that the youth justified their action by claiming they had information that management of the state transport service provider have dubiously planned to auction the properties at expensive prices to wealthy individuals.
He said when the youth arrived at the yard, the security men attempted to question and prevent them from entering but had to flee after the youth became increasingly aggressive.
He identified the youth as members of the ruling party and recollected his encounter with them last Friday where he said they came to inquire auction information.
“About three days today, I was here on Friday around 1:40pm, some few people also came and I was at the gate and asked them what they’re coming here to do, they told me that they hear auctioning is going on here and so they are coming to check. I called the manager to inform him and he told me to allow them to enter, that they are just going to see the buses but through my observation, I know that they are party people.
“Today, they came and are taking things; passing it at the back of the yard. There is a fence and they cut the fence. Because they are many, they even told me if I joke they will kill me so I called our officers and they told me to leave them. They carry the axels, many things”, the security man narrated to reporters.
This is the second time in just four days these suspected NPP youth have resumed their raid on state facilities in connection with auctioning of damaged and seized properties.
On Thursday, the youth stormed the regional BNI office, overwhelmed officers and created chaotic episode after a misunderstanding with officials of customs division of the Ghana Revenue Authority who are supervising an auctioning of seized properties of law offenders.
Riot police officers were later called in to disperse the angry youth who had attempted to assault a private auctioneer accused of plotting with officials of the GRA to sell off the fleet to members of the NDC party and genuine business individuals.
Source: Ghana/Starrfmonline.com/103.5FM

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