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Textbooks are not too important in teaching – NAPO to Minority

Education Minister Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh has said providing teachers with textbooks without the needed teacher motivation is a misplaced priority call by the opposition.

According to the Education Minister, teachers in Ghana do not need a textbook because that is not a tool for teaching in the school by teachers but the curriculum.

Addressing stakeholders in education in Kumasi on National Pre-Tertiary learning Assessment Framework on the drafted curriculum for teaching in Pre-Tertiary education institutions Dr. Opoku Prempeh urged teachers to bear with the government to make useful changes that will transform Pre-Tertiary education and basic education in the country.

He said, “every teacher will tell you, through teacher training, no class from KG to University uses the textbook to teach. If textbooks were ones that teachers will teach from, why did we send monitors and supervisors and headteacher around to monitor and mark teachers by the lesson plans.”

Seemingly directing a message at the opposition, he said “If your authorities will insist on monitoring teachers and that they should write on that supervisors will come and read their lesson plans, it means it is not a textbook that is needed. We are also all witnesses to a fact that no matter the textbook that you use, for some topics, another textbook will be better than the textbook you use.”

He ended “I’m saying this not because we are not going to use teaching and learning materials, but I’m saying let us not forget the reality.”


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