The “Autocracy” of Ghana’s Democracy

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Counsellor Daniel Fenyi writes…✍🏾

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1. See, you might be an NPP, a “Neutral” or an EC today so you may not appreciate the political mess happening in Ghana, perhaps because it benefits you or you’re genuinely politically unaware. But in Ghana, where there are take-overs of almost everything including common “toilets” and “tollbooths” in events of Power change, I dread that, in the not-too-distant future, some other Government from the “other side”, who might be a “victim” of the EC’s many unintelligent decisions today, may come to power someday. And He’d be morally and conscientiously “justified” to use this EC’s arrogant posture to deny an entire region from voting. And, that region might be your stronghold.

2. The thing about wrongdoing is that, when one “little” wrong goes unchecked and allowed to fester, it could grow into an excuse platform for a more magnified wrong in the future. Today, the Electoral Commission is denying some Districts and Constituencies their right to vote and fair representation in Parliament. If we don’t curb this disaster-in-wait at its infantile stage now, another President might use a similar premise to deny an entire region from voting someday.

3. Look, the entire GUAN DISTRICT (and a district must have at least 75,000 people) made up of Santrofi, Akpafu, Likpe, and Lolobi were not allowed to vote for a Parliamentary candidate. The excuse is that a new constituency is being created for them (don’t forget they are already a part of an old one, Buem). Therefore, if the new constituency is not ready to render them “legit” to vote, common sense should make them vote in the old one, or? But, this didn’t happen. In this constituency, where over 75,000 were denied their basic right to vote, the NPP candidate, Peter Amewu was declared the winner with a margin of just 5,131 votes. (NPP- 26,952, NDC- 21,821).

4. This is Fraud. This is almost like “imposing” the MP on the people. The EC, instead of holding an election for the denied people (whether as part of the old constituency or the new) has vacated their post for about a 30-day Xmas break claiming they have held an “excellent” election and needed “rest”. Just like that! Remember, if the elections had ended in a Run-off, presidential elections would have been held across the entire country before January 7. Therefore, holding an election for just one district is not beyond them. But guess what, a “preferred” candidate has won in such a “manipulated” system so no one cares!

5. In the TECHIMAN SOUTH constituency too, it is confirmed that results from “Form One C”, which can have an effect on the “entire outcome”, were not collated. Meanwhile, with such a significant omission, the NPP candidate was declared the winner. When calls and pressures are mounted on the EC to do what they have willfully neglected, “go to court” is the feedback. Do we need a court system, pay lawyers and waste time to settle a mere “neglect”?

6. Don’t forget that these arguments are not even about collation disputes or ‘suspicions’ of rigging, they are normal “neglects” of “expected” duties, where, in other jurisdictions, the EC would have been seriously sanctioned. But here in Ghana, we are literally “begging” them to do their own duty, which they receive monthly salaries for.

7. The “autocracisation” of Ghana’s 29-year-old Democracy under this 4-year-old Regime must be condemned with every energy in us. You may disagree with the NDC over some things, but these daylight blatant wrongs, neglect, and impunity of the EC should not be countenanced in Ghana at all. We have come SO FAR! Today, an NPP MP, with repugnant effrontery, can say on live TV that he’ll BURN a whole former President. Eeiii wow! Power sweet oo…Hmmm!


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