The Battle is not always the Lords-KSM Advises NPP

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Kweku Sintim-Misa, popularly known as KSM, a popular actor and comedian has cautioned the New Patriotic Party to be reminded of the bitter truth as the elections get nearer.

KSM, who is known to have a personal disposition about Christianity, has advised the NPP fraternity that the battle is always not the Lords as the flagbearer and President, Akuffo Addo, always says.

With respect to the elections, the activist believes it is the decision of the electorate to choose their leader, and hence they have been given the free will and conscience for that.

He said the outcome of the elections, whether violent or peaceful is in the hands of the people, adding that the Lord should be given a break.

He further stated that

the NPP should not rely on the (The Battle is Lord’s) slogan. This, he said, could elude them of the victory they have always envisaged. According to him, there is more work to be done than just relying on the fact that the (The Battle is the Lord).

KSM shared his thought on his Twitter platform.

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