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A proverb to me, “A mind is like an umbrella, only useful when open”.

On the 21-06-2020, the President of Ghana addressed the nation and he disclosed that the free SHS 3 students are “Akufo Addo graduates”. He added that he will pay the exam fees for the SHS 3 students numbering 313,837 which amount to 75.4 million cedis for free. What about those teaching the students? Their arrears are still pending.

Does it mean the Oil Money free SHS doesn’t cover their exams fee?

Why these political gimmicks? While this Akuffo Addo – led government wants us to clap in ecstasy for bearing the cost of examination for WASSCE candidates, the same cannot be said about BECE candidates. It tells you the motive behind this action.

Sadly, Basic Schools have no textbooks but GES spends about 35 Billion to buy 400K “Past Questions” for SHS students to enable them…..

From the above, our president, at all costs, wants the first batch of free SHS students to pass massively for political gains without considering their future.

These students are just going through the school system with no proper education. We shall definitely pay for it in tears tomorrow as a country.

Mr. President, what has Ghana done wrong?

I am a citizen


Boadi William

CEO of Educate Ghana Summit, Educationist and Motivational Speaker.


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