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The IES-Ghana Should Spare Us Their Bogus Analysis on Important Technical Issues! – Peter Antwi Boasiako

Why are some supposed technical institutions in Ghana who should lead discussions on important technical issues to make things simpler for the ordinary Ghanaian to understand, rather come out to confuse Ghanaians and make things look more complicated?

Why must this so-called Institute for Energy Security (IES-Ghana) create this unnecessary confusion about the arranged power shutdown in Accra to complete the ongoing upgrades/maintenance as scheduled, or they just want Ghanaians to know that they also exist?

If you read the report by Citi News with the headline “Government Owes IPPs Nearly $1billion; Debt Could Affect  Power Supply – IES”, which starts by saying that, “the Institute for Energy Security says Ghanaians should brace themselves for continuous power outages because of a $1 billion debt owed Independent Power Producers.”

That, according to the Institute, this debt is putting constraints on power generation and distribution.

Then reading further, it explains that, the outages planned by the power distributors, are to allow the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) to complete the last phase of the repair works on some bulk supply points and transmission cables in Accra as the last phase of the repair and upgrade works, which begins on Monday, June 28, 2021, in the communities categorised into six groups, each of which will be without power from 6:00pm to 12:00am once a week, within the 22-day period announced by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

Now, trying to confuse Ghanaians of the whole issue, the Executive Director of the Institute for Energy Security, Nana Amoasi VII, chooses to link this alleged debt owed to the IPPs to the last phase of the planned repair works and upgrades by saying that, the maintenance challenges are a result of the financial constraints in the sector and therefore the said debts could lead to more outages because “there are transmission issues and distribution inefficiencies, and all these, will need money to address them.”

Wow, what kind of bogus analysis is that? What link has the already planned Repairs/upgrade announced by the distributors got to do with the so-called $1bn debt owed to the IPPs which should lead to continuous power cuts?

You see, all these so-called Energy Security Analysts would make these bogus analyses to be published, to confuse Ghanaians the more on the power issues, to serve some parochial political interest.

The fact is, since the supply of fuel to generate power and the power generated to be sold are done in credit terms to be paid within an agreed period, there will always be some kind of arrears or debt to be paid. But the question is, what has the debt owed to the IPPs got to do with the last phase of the scheduled repairs/upgrade at the transmission and distribution sections as announced, for the IES-Ghana to conclude that Ghanaians should brace themselves for more power cuts? Where’s the technical sense in this conclusion?

Although it is expected that all these Civil Society Organisations and Energy Research Institutions in Ghana like the IES, would need to justify the essence of their existence and therefore would have to point out some core issues for correction or rectification, they also need to make good sense and not just make uninformed and misleading analysis just to show that they’re also there.

They should know that the general public consists of diverse Expertise, Professionals and Analysts in the area of their knowledge who would read their report and see the flaws in their analysis. It is therefore incumbent on all of them to avoid rushing into making disoriented analysis which when published and fed to the general public rather misinforms and creates more confusion. This tends to raise serious questions about their real motives.

Ing. Peter Antwi Boasiako.

London, UK.

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