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The late Sir John prophesied -Photos

Mr Duncan Opoku Boateng (Bombay), Chairman of the Movement for Bawumia 2024 has disclosed this and many more during the final funeral rite of Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie popularly known as Sir John at Sakora Wonoo.

He said the main reason for their presence at the funeral was to support Dr Bawumia and confirm the prophecy made by Sir John about the fate of Dr Bawumia in the 2024 New Patriotic Party(NPP) leadership.

Sir John showed love to the Party, he sacrificed himself for the good of NPP and also a seer, he sees things that will happen in the future.

As Nana Addo said in his tribute yesterday, Sir John said after the 2013 election petition that even if Nana was in a wheelchair he will lead NPP to victory in 2016, which came to pass which proves Sir John is a true prophet, Mr Duncan told Soiree news.

Anytime you visited Sir John in his office, you won’t come out empty-handed, he showed massive love to people around him and he was always happy, even after he lost his position as the General Secretary he made the popular hilarious statement “Fear Delegates” and made all politicians careful of delegates.

He went ahead saying, Sir John prophesied while he was alive that, After Nana Addo’s regime, Dr Bawumia will take over the leadership of the NPP in the 2024 polls and this will come true because what he said about Nana Addo came true.

Even in his death, Sir John has held on to his prophecy that Bawumia will succeed Nana Addo no matter what.

We, therefore, ask anyone who has the intention to run against Bawumia to forget that Idea and use the money for something else.

He revealed to SoireeNews that, anything or anyone that will be a hindrance to Bawumia’s chance in 2024 will be brought down just as we put Captain Smart to order when he was on Bawumia’s tail.

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