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The least said about Rojo Nonoo and Kpessah Whyte’s testimony the better – Supreme Court

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The Chief Justice in reading the verdict for the 2020 election petition has said that Rojo Mettle Nonoo and Kpessah Whyte’s testimony did not contribute anything to the case of John Dramani Mahama.

According to the Chief Justice who was reading the verdict which is said to be unanimous said: “Their testimonies were therefore of no relevance to the said issues set out for determination and so we find them unworthy for consideration whatsoever”.

To the bench “The testimonies would have carried some little weight if the purpose of the petition was to change entries made on the collation forms or summary sheets but that is not the case”.

The Chief Justice said the two witnesses should rather blame themselves for abandoning their duty of representing the interest of the petitioner in the strong room.

“In fact, regarding the testimonies of PW2 and PW3, if their evidence is to be believed then they had to blame themselves for abandoning their post at the national collation center at the time the verification and certification of the results were ongoing and PW3 had then verified and certified the regional collation results out of the 16.”




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