The negativity around me won’t break me – Nigel Gaisie Tells Ken Agyapong[Watch Video]

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The name Nigel Gaisie has been on the lips of many this past week with the tabloids reporting infamous allegations levelled against him by firebrand Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong on the Hot Seat Show on NET 2 TV.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong in his quest to expose fake pastors in the country in a series of exposes has in another episode, which threatens to be even more tumultuous, made some daring allegations against Prophet Nigel.

Kennedy in his submission revealed that Nigel with the help of the NDC during the John Mahama administration duped a lot of Ghanaians all in the name of prophecy.

He also revealed that Nigel was in no way a man of God and called him a skirt-chaser who cannot mount the pulpit without bonking a woman.

The outspoken businessman also threatened to expose Nigel’s sexual escapades with some female celebrities- one of whom he sexually assaulted. Mzbel’s name was mentioned as the celebrity who was sexually abused as the songstress and Nigel are known to have had some issues in the past.

The most alarming of all was the allegation that Prophet Nigel did not only prophesy about the late Ebony’s death but set her up for her death in his twisted pursuit of fame and recognition.

Nigel in response to Kennedy asked the Member of Parliament of Assin Central to shut up and allow the true men of God to pursue their calling. Nonetheless, in a new video circulating on social media, the Prophet has addressed the accusations made against him.

He explained that the negativity surrounding him amid Kennedy’s expose will not break him but propel him to a higher level in his ministry.

He explained that he was not perturbed by the name-calling and baseless allegations aimed at him but was determined to make lemonade out of lemons.

He is quoted as saying, ”Anytime you get to an environment of discomfort, it is a ticket for your next elevation.

The moment i see that there is fire there i make sure that i use that fire to my advantage”. He stated that life is not fair and that he is not faint-hearted to bow to the negativity that surrounds him. We are yet to see how this whole episode turns out with Hon. Kennedy Agyapong set to make more revelations this week.



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