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The Osafo Marfo NPP Post-election 2020 Elections Assessment Committee Report; NPP Grassroots Want To Know


The NPP is poised for party reorganization, in preparation for the 2021 District, Constituency, and Polling Station executives elections. We have already gone through some phases, ie: Constituency as well as Regional conferences. The National Conference will also come on very soon.

As a precursor to the above, and other subsequent Party election events, the National Executive Committee has already carried out a nationwide assessment of the performance of our Party in the 2020 elections as well as the state of the Party. This task was under the leadership of Hon. Yaw Osafo-Maafo.

That report is supposed to contain the full details of the findings that could best guide and inform the reorganisation of the party, in order to assess and establish its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis, to serve as guidelines for this purported reorganisation. Having completed the aforesaid exercise instead of making the outcome of the gathered facts available to guide our much needed self-adjustment and reorieation as required, whatever was the outcome of the Party’s SWOT analysis has now become a secret document into which no one is allowed to peep.

General Secretary John Boadu, on his tour during the Regional Conferences, made some cursory references to the document, which no one else have has seen, except some privileged few.
The only extensive remarks he made was to use this report as the authority for implementing a Code of Conduct, which bans Presidential and Parliamentary hopefuls from campaigning ahead of time. This notwithstanding, strange enough, the code of conduct is fraught with not only discrimination, it has been an ensnared open policy that overtly exempts some “favoured” governing executives in advantaged positions, who are immune to the ban, allowing John Boadu and his friends and those executives to openly campaign.

He avers that this ban was on the advice of party people on the ground to the Hon. Yaw Osafo-Maafo Committee. Indeed, this is a pathological lie from the lips of the Party’s General Secretary. The John Boadu Code of Conduct document has been calculated and purposively couched to hinder the chances of other Party faithful with great potentials,and John knows it as a fact.

Before the Hon. Yaw Osafo-Maafo Committee could finish its work and submit its report, some Presidential aspirants had already jumped the stat gun, hence their rushed unlawful campaigning aptly being ex post facto to the issued executive instrument from the Party, hence a breach. The campaigning before the appropriate lifting of the ban by those concerned governing executives has neither been stopped, nor admonished in any way in accordance with the clauses in the code of conduct, whiles others are being watched with eagle eyes to be invited before a Disciplinary Committee, with a likely result of being disqualified.
It is so clear that there are darker motives behind the Codeof Conduct edict, because, throughout the Regional Conferences, this supposed Code of Conduct was repeatedly violated right in front of John Boadu and other National Executives. John Boadu’s only plea was that these violations, right in his face, had not been officially reported to him in writing. So, here we are, the largest political party in Ghana, in the midst of an impending imminent chaotic reforms that have ominous potentials to erode the unbending image, good name, and good will of our much cherished tradition, that has survived us through very turbulent political climates, yet unscathed.

Hiding the is report findings to which Party members must be privy, therefore, incorporating the same so-called findings details to reorganise the Party is totally unacceptable and an insult to the intelligence of the rank and file of this great party.

What makes it a BIG SECRET that we as loyal members of this party cannot be trusted with in the very work we are doing? If indeed, it represents the compilation of views of party people at the grassroots, then why should it be made secret? There cannot be any, and that is why we are demanding as a matter of urgency for it to be made available at all levels of the Party such as our Members of Parliament, Regional and Constituency Executives for their information and study well ahead of the National Conference in Kumasi, and we demand this to be done immediately.
We shall not allow ourselves to be rail roaded as in the past into taking ill-considered decisions that will serve an inimical interest of the few, at the expense of the majority.

The National Conference, which is the highest decision-making body must have all the information and full facts on time, and unhurried at every single decision it will be called upon to make. John Boadu must not and cannot hide behind his usual equivocation to dodge what is coming.


Fred Gyan

Ata Kwesi Samuel

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