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The relevance of Hon. Boakye Agyarko in the NPP


The name Boakye Agyarko may sound unusual and a bit farfetched in the ears of many, and to a lot of grassroot members of the NPP. His name came to the limelight when he was appointed as Energy Minister by President Akufo-Addo; and even little did people know who Boakye Agyarko was, until he was controversially fired by his hirer the President over the stinking Ameri deal that he played neither a decision making role, nor did he do anything untoward in the deal that caused him his cabinet and ministerial position.
To the top echelons of the Party, Boakye Agyarko has been a sine-qua-non formidable founding member of the NPP.

Not much will be discussed in this exordium of who Boakye Agyarko is, and his relevance in the NPP, however, the little that will be expressed will be enough to present him to those who do not know him, and same will fascinate readers to acknowledge and appreciate who the person Boakye Agyarko is.

Indeed, for the attention and appreciation of those who have never met with him in any public or private engagement, he’s the very unsung silent listener and eloquent contributor to every NPP discussion that has grave importance for implementation.
He’s also the usually unseen and unnamed, yet an indispensable guest at every NPP strategic planning meeting that has nurtured our Party to this level of ruling governance position.

Hon. Boakye Agyarko was very much enamored to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, until for reasons that can best be explained by the President, out of the blue, a green-eyed hobgoblin interfered in their amity, and convinced the President to fall out with the man he had adored precisely two years after clinching power in 2016 as President, whence he offered him the portfolio of a prestigious and Ghana’s leading income generating Ministry

But for the rational, cogent and compelling reasoned argument of Hon. Boakye Agyarko, with the definite support of ex-President J A Kufuor, Dr. Mahmudu Bawumia wouldn’t have been accepted as the running mate of the then candidate Nana Akufo-Addo. The National Executives argued that Dr. Bawumia was not a founding member of the Party, and had not made any contributions to the Party anywhere. Secondly, he wasn’t a registered member of the NPP and had no Party card. In fact, it was ex-President Kufuor who had been impressed with Dr. Bawumia’s presentation at the bank of Ghana, and so introduced him to the then candidate Nana Akufo-Addo as a suitable running mate for him. The Party had only two weeks left to file their presidential nomination, which had to be done with a named running mate, while these controversies came in as an impediment.
The then candidate Akufo-Addo had earlier named Hajia Alima Mahama, but she was rejected for various good reasons.
The NEC persistently refused to accept Dr. Bawumia by expressing their righteous indignation as aforementioned, and furthermore, he had no specific constituency where he had paid any Party dues. In essence, he was deemed by the NEC as a floating voter who couldn’t be accepted as running mate and subsequently becoming vice-President if the NPP won the elections.

The only consideration that gave support to Mr. Boakye Agyarko’s argument, and the support of ex-President Kufuor was the fact that he was an Oxford-trained economist with a good record at the bank of Ghana. Many NPP bigwigs left the meeting room in anger, and up to today, some of them are not on talking terms with Hon Boakye Agyarko over this running mate issue.
Both President Akufo-Addo and his vice-President Dr. Bawumia must therefore owe Mr. Boakye Agyarko a debt of gratitude, but is it so as it is rightly thought to be?

Hon Boakye Agyarko managed and the then candidate Akufo-Addo candidature from 2010, and was his campaign manager from 2012. His being the candidate Akufo-Addo campaign manager made him meet with the Party’s teeming grassroots who are the indispensable “kingmakers”
The two have been on very good terms and established very cordial relations ever since. Hon Boakye Agyarko is consulted for solutions eventhough he has been hounded out of his appointed position by his bosom boss.
*Unbelievable*, but true and can never be denied as a fact.

Facts are facts, therefore this is not with intent to run Dr. Bawumia down in his intended interest to contest for NPP leadership, as he’s seen now as a full fledged member of NPP.

Our NPP as a democratic political organisation that has a policy of equal opportunity, equal rights, and meritocracy. We embrace competition, and we welcome competitors so as to be able to make an excellent choice out of many, though human as we are, with a possibility to er at times.

Therefore, there will be many in the NPP marathon race for its leadership. Indeed, several of them will run out of breath from the blow of the whistle and drop off, while only a few can finish the course of the run; and even still, there will be only one winner, and a few runners-up. What really matters is making the right and most prudent choice that will be acceptable to the Party and Ghanaians. Without Party unity, disaffection and apathy set in, whence it will be very unlikely to win any elections, therefore, Party unity must come first and foremost to avoid another instance of voter apathy, as it happened in the 2020 elections Secondly, the choice should be a person who can unite the rank and file of all Party members of all walks of life, and can fix the fragmented shads of broken pieces with precision.

Hon. Boakye Agyarko as an objectively selfless person in the NPP is hereby presented to you in this introductory article, portraying only a tip of the iceberg of his relevance in the NPP to you, as many more will follow shortly, and in series. Hon. Boakye Agyarko is a rare precious jewel in the NPP who is endowed with patience and forbearance. He has the henotic spirit and personality for forging Party unity. He’s a potential leader with the rare acumen and nature of fixing the broken and rejected.

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